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About Cleburne, Texas

You can read the statistics and history of Cleburne at many places. That's a small part of the story. More important than Cleburne's past is its future.

Cleburne is a small town close enough to the metroplex for all the conveniences, but not too close for comfort. We enjoy a diverse population from all ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, and hear several different languages as we go about town. This adds spice to everyday life.

Cleburne has many kind people, which was so evident when we took in Hurricane Katrina and Rita evacuees. Churches and community organizations opened their hearts and homes, and took so much home-cooked food to the evacuees that the shelter became the best place in town to eat.

Spirited politics, opinionated citizens, cagey politicians, old curmudgeons, sharp businessmen, free spirits, and imaginative dreamers abound. Cleburne has everything.

Some of Cleburne's most popular attractions include Hulen Park, McGregor Park and Botanical Gardens, (and EarthKind Rose trial plot), the Splash Station, Layland Museum, the Transit Station (bus and railroad hub), and Lake Pat Cleburne. Cleburne has an airstrip, Walls Regional Hospital, shopping malls, Mom and Pop stores, manufacturing plants, and a lively mix of entrepreneurs.

All faiths are represented by Cleburne's many churches. Helping hands organizations abound.

For statistics and more info, see the City of Cleburne website, the Chamber of Commerce website, the Cleburne State Park website, the Cleburne Independent School District website, and Johnson County website.

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